Craftsmen BMW LevelX Roadshow Kick-Off

CRAFTSMEN TEAM has made its debut this weekend (Feb 22nd-23rd) at DIFC Gate Avenue Mall in Dubai Downtown, as they have successfully delivered the stand for the first-of the “BMW LevelX Roadshow” events, that started in Dubai.

Credits for its good looks goes to:

A) – The one-and-only Avantgarde Middle East and their creatives;

B) – Gorgeous BMW X Range, including the all-new X7. No further explanation needed here.

Avantgarde and Craftsmen worked day and night to make the design come to life, taking care of many small details that made a huge difference, once everything was set for the event.

The structure  consists of 2 large metal arches, however, our challenge was to make them like pieces of a puzzle, ensuring that setting them up in different locations during the roadshow is less of a challenge. The best part of the event was the X7 reveal, with light and smoke effects cleverly embedded into the structure – we’ll take the credits for that 🙂

On behalf of the entire team, Craftsmen sends A BIG THANK YOU to the AVA team and their BMW client for sharing the BMW Level X Roadshow journey with us. In the meantime, the team is packing for the next location: Abu Dhabi.

See you there!